Home Features And Amenities For Tech-Powered Households

Moving into a new home is a huge investment with a lot of choices for comfort and design appeal. Times are changing and a lot of features that would have been considered a hobbyist's option for home improvement later can be found in a lot of already established homes. Before choosing the best house based on basic room size or visual appeal alone, consider a few quality of life improvements to look for inside the home and throughout the area:

Internet Connectivity In The Home Beyond Wireless

Wireless internet is a great convenience and mobile devices have become a major part of modern tech use. That said, nearly 10 years after smartphones and tablets became a truly ingrained part of society, desktop computers and hardwired connections are still relevant.

But why?

Consistent connectivity is still an important part of using the internet. What non-technical observers and even some out of touch tech investors don't understand is that wireless connectivity is merely a convenience that people deal with, not a trend that is embraced. When wireless internet disconnects constantly or slows down, people want to connect their wired internet.

They don't connect their internet because the distance to the modem is too far from their device of choice, such as a gaming console with video streaming capabilities, an internet-enabled television, or a computer connected to the television.

Look for homes that have Ethernet and/or fiber optic cable connections in the walls. These connections are just like electrical outlet face plates and can be found in many businesses. It was once a home improvement task to install the outlets and connect the cables yourself, but they're becoming increasingly standard.

Local Culture And Tech Improvement

Is there a Best Buy in the area? What about a computer repair shop, or even better, a local tech parts store that isn't part of a retail chain?

Services such as Amazon Prime are great when it comes to ordering something with next day, 2-day, or even (limited to major cities) same day delivery, but there are always those times where you need some spare parts right now.

Ask a real estate agent to search for homes for sale near tech hubs. Be specific in your question, because this can also mean near tech-related jobs. Having a Google data center nearby is great for metropolitan internet (another great amenity!), but that doesn't necessarily mean a decent selection of tech stores.

Something within an hour's drive is fine. Even better, try to find an area that has hobby clubs such as 3D printing or drone hobby flights, as these 2017 popular hobbies are often ingrained with other parts of tech hobby.

Contact a real estate agent to discuss other available tech decisions to guide your house hunting.