Three Things To Look Past When Searching For A New Home

Everyone has an image of their dream home in mind. It probably has the perfect number of closets, gorgeous landscaping, and a decorating scheme that belongs in Country Living Magazine. But if you're searching for a home to purchase, chances are, you are not going to find one that lines up perfectly with your dream list. That does not mean you can't find homes for sale that you love -- but it does mean you'll need to learn the difference between small shortcomings you can live with and big ones that you can't tolerate.

Though everyone's needs are different, if you come across one of these qualities during your house hunt, it's generally in your best interest to look past it and otherwise evaluate how the home meets your needs.

Bad Paint Colors

The wrong paint colors can give you a bad first impression of a home. But instead of walking out when you see the neon green or bright pink paint, linger a while. Painting is easy; you don't even have to hire someone to paint the walls. Try to envision what the home would look like if it had a better color scheme. If it otherwise meets your needs, you could have your dream home after just a few coats of paint.

Lack of Storage

House hunters are quick to turn down homes that don't have an excessive number of closets and cubbies for storage. But if a home otherwise meets your needs, there are plenty of ways you can add storage space. Hire a carpenter to add a built-in shelving unit to one of the walls. Finish the basement and use it to store extra items. The possibilities are endless, and it would be a shame to walk away from a home that would have been perfect had it not been for one missing closet!

An Ugly Kitchen

Most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so you want this room to look nice. Kitchen renovations are also expensive, so you may be tempted to walk away from a home with an ugly kitchen, figuring it will cost too much to fix. But before you walk away, consider whether there are some simple modifications you could make to jazz the kitchen up. Maybe all it really needs is new cabinet faces. Or, perhaps if you replace the appliances and faucets, it will have a new, more modern look. 

If you can look past these qualities, you'll have an easier time finding your dream home.