3 Tips To Help You Write Captivating Headlines For Your Real Estate Listings

Consumers who are in the market to purchase a new home often sift through a variety of online real estate listings before deciding to see a home in person. Eventually these online listings can begin to blend into one another, leaving your listings at risk of being overlooked. Creating captivating headlines for your online listings will help set the homes you are selling apart from others on the market.

Here are three tips that you can use to help write more captivating headlines for your online real estate listings in the future.

1. Use your headlines to inspire curiosity.

Rather than just viewing the headlines for your real estate listings as descriptive text, use these headlines to draw potential buyers in. Creating curiosity will prompt buyers to click on your listings, where they will be able to view photos and other information that will help sell the property.

Use language that draws buys in when crafting headlines for your online listings. Using phrases like "find out how you can live in this modern property" or "see yourself in this luxurious landscape" in your headlines leaves buyers wanting to know more.

2.  Incorporate unique adjectives into your headlines.

Rather than relying on the same old adjectives that other real estate agents are using, you should strive to incorporate unique adjectives into your headlines. Investing in a thesaurus can be beneficial when it comes to finding new ways to phrase familiar real estate selling points.

Rather than saying your listing is "turn-key," you can call the property "lavishly-appointed." Painting a picture with unique adjectives incorporated into your headlines will help your properties stand apart from other online listings.

3. Use several different headlines.

If you really want to draw attention to your online listings, it can be beneficial to craft a few different headlines for each property and list the same house multiple times. Crafting several headlines allows you to draw attention to different features with each ad.

You can highlight a home's energy efficiency by mentioning solar panels and low-flow plumbing fixtures in one headline, while focusing on the home's landscaped garden and updated patio in another allow you to target specific types of buyers with your online listings. These targeted headlines will help you increase the number of showings by helping buyers realize your properties meet their specific needs.

Having the ability to write captivating headlines will help you make your online real estate listings more memorable in the future.