How To Market Your House As Kid Friendly

If you are selling a house and you want to market it to families with kids, you need to present the house as kid-friendly. Here are a few tips to help you with the endeavor:

Outdoor Play Areas

Most people like their children to enjoy not only indoor games but also outside games. Showing that your house will provide prospective families with such an opportunity can help in convincing them that the home is good for their family. You don't have to create a mini park in your yard, but it can be great if you can include a few playthings or even provide the space for outdoor games.


Families with kids tend to buy bigger houses than families without kids. This is even more likely to be the case for families that still expect their families to grow. Therefore, even if your house isn't exactly big, you need to stage it in a way that it doesn't look cramped. Here are some of the tips that can help with this:

  • Ensure the rooms are bright and airy
  • Declutter the house; stuffing the house with too many things will make it look small
  • Take advantage of natural lighting
  • Use light colors on the walls

Safety and Security

Most parents place safety at the top of their lists while looking for a place to raise their kids. Therefore, you will do well to present your home and neighborhood as a safe place to raise a family. For example, you should not be having any abandoned wells on your compound. If you live next to a busy street, you should have a secure fence between you and the street.

A Suitable Kitchen

Single people may be able to exist on takeout food most of the time, but most families with kids love or have to cook. Therefore, if you have a spacious kitchen and you have accessorized it with the best cooking appliances available. It's even better if the kitchen is big enough to eat in or if it's an open plan kitchen.

Adequate Storage

You can convince many parents to be interested in your property if you can show them that your home has a sizable storage space. This will help because limited storage space is one of the things many families complain about when shopping for a house. To prove just how big your storage space it, don't cram it full of storage items during the showing.