Glen Gonzales

What To Check During Your Final Walkthrough

Approximately one to two days before you attend your mortgage closing, you should schedule a final walkthrough of the house you are purchasing. The final walkthrough gives you one last chance to look at the house you are about to purchase, and it offers a time for you to make sure the house is being turned over to you in the condition to which you and the seller agreed. As you complete this step of the home-buying process, here are some of the main things you should check: Read More 

Four Issues That A Property Seller Isn’T Likely To Reveal To You

If you are looking for a home to purchase, don't expect the seller to give you all the information at their disposal. Here are some of the information property sellers rarely reveal: Neighborhood Insecurity Property sellers aren't obligated to tell potential buyers about local security issues. Since this is something that can affect property sales, few sellers will be volunteering the information to you. Therefore, don't expect a seller to tell you that there have been several muggings on the nearby biking trail or that there has been a recent spike in cases of vandalism. Read More 

Is A Real Estate Agent Always Necessary When Buying A Home?

A home is one of the most expensive purchases you'll ever make, so it makes sense you should enlist the help of an expert –in this case, a real estate agent— to make the best decisions possible. At the same time, though, every real estate transaction doesn't require you to go through an agent. Here are two times when you can save some money and purchase a home without a realtor. Read More 

How To Get Your Real Estate Broker’s License

Helping to sell real estate, whether commercial or private residences is an interesting and potentially lucrative career. You may be wondering how you can start your new career as a real estate broker and it's not as complicated or difficult to gain the education, but it will take some effort to get licensed. Here are the steps required to get your real estate broker's license. Requirements Each state will have their own requirements you must have before you can even attempt to get your license. Read More 

How To Market Your House As Kid Friendly

If you are selling a house and you want to market it to families with kids, you need to present the house as kid-friendly. Here are a few tips to help you with the endeavor: Outdoor Play Areas Most people like their children to enjoy not only indoor games but also outside games. Showing that your house will provide prospective families with such an opportunity can help in convincing them that the home is good for their family. Read More